Pengaruh Penambahan Diethylene Glycol Terhadap Gas Hasil Fermentasi Limbah Peternakan Sapi Dusun Ngentak, Desa Poncosari, Kecamatan Srandakan, Kabupaten Bantul, DIY

Hongki Budi Prasetyo


This study was conducted to determine the effect of the use of diethylene gycol to reduce the water content of the gas produced from waste fermentation of cows cattle in Ngentak, Poncosari Village , Srandakan , Bantu . The steps will be done in this research are to conduct a site survey and gas testing samples using diethylene glycol with a concentration of 90 %. Testing is done by spraying diethlylene glycol into the gas flow through the gas flow pipe connection manually. From the test results indicate that the diethylene glycol can be used to reduce the water content in the gases from waste fermentation of the dairy farms.


Diethylene Glycol; Gas; Waste Fermentation; Cows Cattle

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