Dinamika Level Cairan pada Sistem Tangki-Seri-Tak-Berinteraksi dengan Arus Recycle

Hermawan Yulius Deddy


This research studies the liquid level dynamic behavior of non-interacting-tank (NIT) with recycle-stream which is frequently used in industries. Two tanks with volume of 25 liters are designed and arranged in series for experimentation in laboratory. Part of liquid from Tank-2 is recycled back to the Tank-1. In this work, the mass disturbance load has been made based on both step increase and decrease. Those disturbances include the changes of flow-rate in input (fi) and recycle (fR) streams. The dynamic behavior of NIT system has also been explored. As can be seen from our investigation in laboratory, Tank-1 in NIT system produces a stable response to the disturbance change in flow-rates of the input and recycle streams. But, the liquid level response of Tank-2 is unstable. Furthermore, dynamic simulation using computer programming is also done, and its simulation results are compared with the experiment data from laboratory. The developed mathematical model of the NIT system is solved numerically. Such mathematical model is rigorously examined in Scilab software environment. The trends of simulation results are quite similar with those in our experiment results. As shown in our experiment and dynamic simulation results, this study is therefore considered useful to design a liquid level control configuration of NIT system for the next study.


Non-Interacting-Tank (NIT); liquid level; stable response; unstable response;


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