Mining Technology Journal

Mining Technology Journal deals with fundamental and applied aspects of the mining enineering. The journal aims to advance the exploration, extraction and utilization of natural resources, and to stimulate environmental awareness and sustainable development.

The scope of the journal encompasses basic research, laboratory studies and field studies in:

  1. Geology in mining engineering (geological hazards, resource and reserve estimation, environmental geology, etc.)
  2. Geotechnical engineering
  3. Hydrology and hydrogeological engineering
  4. Mine design and planning technology
  5. Coal and mineral technology
  6. Mineral economics (forecasting, simulation, mining project evaluation and valuation, regional development, and socio economics)
  7. Mining environment (land rehabilitation and reclamation, stewardship, mine safety technology)

Types of contributions published are: research papers describing original theoretical (with potential for application) and applied research; and overviews of recent literature. Research papers that combine theory and experiments and/or field studies are especially welcome.

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Vol 1, No 2 (2022)

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Faizal Agung Riyadi
Andika S Saputra, Diva Kanigara, Shofa Rijalul Haq
Kristanto Jiwo Saputro, Sheny Linggasari, Oktarian Wisnu Lusantono
Laurencius Pieteurs, Akbar Ivansyah, Andrejassi Pegasoln Damanik, Shofa Rijalul Haq, Faizal Agung Riyadi
Roy Nastigor Nasution, Edy Nursanto, Rika Ernawati