Sistim Demokrasi: Marketing Politik dan Jaminan Kebenaran Informasi

Heroe Poerwadi


The Feature and the style of liberal democratic system of individualism, was more apparent on the implementation of the Indonesia elections in 2009. Those could be observed by the implementation of multi-party system, direct election system, the value system of “one person one vote and one value”, and culminated in the system, more campaigns held by personal than the political parties occurred in election 2009/ The implications of the pattern of liberal individualism, increasingly the candidates took most of political advertising as the mass campaign media, in streets, mass media and public places.

Strategic businesses like in the real business marketing industry was used to promote the candidates and political parties as a media to get as many voter as possible. In fact the implementation was distorted, the candidate only presented their personal popularity, but not the program they had. Moreover, they placed more the image performance, position highly than the commitment and personal integrity. Additionally, considerable segmentation techniques was had more pay attention than doing communication with people. That conditions resulted in becoming public area as private area and led to public sphere as reffered by Habermas was not conducted properly.

In this liberal democratic system of individualism, the most important thing is insurance the truth of informations in that was present in public sphere, So hopefully, the political advertising and marketing was able to figure out the true real position and status of candidates or political party.


Democrazy, Political marketing, and Warrantly information of truth

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