Konvensi Anti Korupsi PBB dan Uaya Pengembalian Aset Hasil Korupsi ke Indonesia

Regina Décor Carmeli, Hikmatul Akbar


Corruption and money laundering are two of many criminal acts conducted by state official. Realizing this, United Nations creates a convention that can handle such problem. The convention, UNCAC, took into action in the year of 2003. Indonesia, the corruption conducted by Neloe, the director of a state owned bank, can’t easily be solved. General attorney can hardly going back and forth to Switzerland where money put at, and bring the case to International Criminal Court in Den Haag. Indonesia has reformed its law system just like suggested by UNCAC, but there are so many domestic problems that cause the difficulties of bringing back the asset. The Indonesian Law system seems doesn’t support the effort, human resources are not so good, and Indonesian state official lack of technical skill. In the other side, there’s no good coordination among Indonesian Law apparatus which also can be regarded as the main factor of the failure for taking back the asset.


UNCAC, Corruption, Asset, Indonesia

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.31315/paradigma.v15i2.2449


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