Iwan Rijayana, Sofia De Jesus Cardoso


Process of delivering the information has not been able to quickly delivered, it is evident from the difficulty of finding information about tourist areas who want to know or be able to visit in East Timor. With so tourism in East Timor will only be known by local people, so that foreign countries will be reluctant to tour in East Timor and would prefer to visit places in other areas of the more famous tourism due to the lack of media publicity that can convey information about tourism in Timor Leste. Research methodology used in the writing of this Final Project is a Literature Review, System Development and OOD (Object Oriented Database). Tests carried out in several information systems. Tests performed included applications, the display, which is produced. Application testing is to test the application on disistem hardware and operating system, applications can run well. Testing the display to see the resulting image, so the image and the color is quite clearly visible difference.


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Timor Leste, 23 januari 2011


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