Author Guidelines

Content And General Requirements

Scientific articles that are submitted to Jurnal Ilmiah Geologi Pangea should be articles as research results or reviews about geoscience subjects in either science or applied science. Articles are never published or not submitted to other media. Articles should be written in English or Bahasa Indonesia and they must be completed with abstracts in both languages. An article with content and format that does not follow this guideline will be ignored by the board of editors and the editors do not have the obligation to send back the article to contributors/authors. There is no charge for every submission and/or processing article in this journal.

Download the template here.


. The article including the title, abstract, table and figure captions, footnote, and list of references is written in single space with two columns as an electronic file and printed on HVS paper of A4 in size. The font used in the article is 12-point Times New Roman. Each page of the article has continuing numbers including pages of figures and tables. The research result or review ranges from 5 to 20 pages (excluding figures and tables). The detailed composition of the article is as follows:

Title. The article title, each author name, institution name, and address of each author, and if necessary a footnote that consists of the address, telephone, facsimile, and email for correspondence should be written on the title page.

Abstract. The abstract should be written in English and Bahasa Indonesia. The abstract should sum up the article's theme including methodology and does not need to contain a detailed summary of each part. The abstract comprises a maximum of 200 words, 3 - 5 words of keywords should be written below the abstract, singular, or compound word.

Introduction. This part must consist of a comprehensive description, so readers will understand and can evaluate the research result that has been done without reading another publication/article. The introduction must consist of background, aim and objective, problem, research location and accessibility, research subject, and geological or stratigraphical setting.

Method. This part consists of data, methods, and analysis of research.

Result and Discussion. The result is composed of a research result as displayed as words, tables, and figures. Please use limited graphics if the subject can be displayed as a short explanation. The limitation of using photos will be appreciated. It needs to be displayed if it can describe a better explanation for the research result. All figures and tables should be given continuing numbers and must be referred to in the article. The discussion consists of an interpretation of the result and analysis. It should be correlated with another result having been reported.

Conclusion. They comprise important conclusions probably also including recommendations and future works within the whole part of the article. This part also consists of suggestions for better next research.

Reference. It must all be cited in the text and support the content; written using a citation manager such as Zotero is strongly recommended with modified Harvard System alphabetically. All names of the authors must be written completely without using et al. and numbers.

The article should be completed with supporting figures/maps/graphics/photos. Their attachments must be in Image File (*.jpg) with a minimum of 300 dpi in resolution or a scalable vector graphic (*.svg). Figures and tables must be put at the beginning or the end of each page. Permission from the original author is required to display figures and tables that have been published.