Evaluasi Bejana Rebusan Horizontal dan Vertikal Berdasarkan Kehilangan Potensi Rendemen di Pabrik Kelapa Sawit

Dennie Pohan, Herri Susanto


Sterilization in palm oil milling is the most important unit process because its will determine the efficiency and effectiveness of the whole process. Fresh fruit bunches (FFB) are cooked in sterilizer using steam as the heating during process sterlization. There is two most common type of sterilizer used in Indonesia that is horizontal and vertical sterilizer. Both of the types have advantages and disadvantages of each other. The performance of horizontal and vertical sterilizer should be investigated comprehensively for achieving satisfactory sterilization and giving minimum loss. This study is conducted to evaluate these sterilizers based on the loss of potential oil extraction rate determined from observation and data processing such as degree of FFB ripeness, laboratory report and sterilization report process. It was found that horizontal sterilizer is generally better than vertical sterilizer.


sterilization, milling, horizontal, vertical, performance, oil extraction rate

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