Journal History

Jurnal Ilmu Komunikasi

ISSN 1693-3028 (print), ISSN 2407-8220 (online)

Jurnal Ilmu Komunikasi (JIK) is a scientific journal first published in 2003 (Editor-in-Chief: Subhan Afifi, M. Si) by the Department of Communication Studies, Faculty of Political and Social Sciences, Univeritas Pembangunan Nasional "Veteran" Yogyakarta, in collaboration with Indonesian Association of Communication Scholars (ISKI).

The purpose of publishing this journal is to provide opportunities for academic students in the UPN Veteran Yogyakarta environment, both faculty and students to be able to publish the results of research and studies. In its development, Jurnal Ilmu Komunikasi (JIK) became one of the objectives for academics throughout Indonesia to publish their work in the form of research results in the field of Communication Sciences in both Indonesian and English.

Jurnal Ilmu Komunikasi is published three times a year in April, August, December. Contains writings based on the results of research in the field of Communication Science.

Jurnal Ilmu Komunikasi was a pioneer, the only Journal of Communion Science accredited B DIKTI in 2005-2009 (first accreditation), Editor-in-Chief: Dra. Susilastuti, M. Si. Second accreditation in 2009-2012, Editor-in-Chief: Dr. Christina Rochayanti, M. Si. In 2013-2016 was not accredited, Editor-in-Chief: Dr. Basuki Agus Suparno, M. Si. Third Accreditation 2016-2019, Editor-in-Chief: Dr. Basuki Agus Suparno, M. Si.

In 2020, Jurnal Ilmu Komunikasi re-accredited with Editor-in-Chief: Dr. Puji Lestari, SIP., M. Si.
Starting from Volume 18 No. 2 (2020) there are changes to the layout of the article on the front page by adding Journal Name, Sirahan Title, DOI, Copyright, CC License, ISSN (Print and Online), Accreditation Status, and Genesis Script.