Aplikasi Iklan Baris Online menggunakan Arsitektur REST Web Service

Yuli Fauziah


An organization requires an integration if composed of members who live in different
places. Organization requires the automation of business processes by exchanging business
documents from applications and system platforms are different, both inside or outside the area
of the organization. In this study, an application will be prepared by applying web service
technology utilizing REST Web Service Arsitecture, where the server and client can interact with
a unified interface, server and client will menghost resource to consume resources provided by
the server. Research is organized so that the business processes that occur when a consumer
(client) do a query or search items, integrated with web applications. Server provides a client
API which is then utilized. Client in this application is a web application. After receiving data
from the client, the server and then disseminate the information needs of the goods in question
to all members.
Keywords : Web Services, REST, Arsitecture, Client, Server

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.31315/telematika.v9i2.286

DOI (PDF (Indonesian)): https://doi.org/10.31315/telematika.v9i2.286.g248


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