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Growth and development of young children should be guided from the beginning . Education is carried out continuously should be directed to a positive destination . Garden Education Al - Quran ( TPA ) is one means of education that provides the fundamentals of the science of understanding the religion ( Islam ) . Jannah is a landfill Miftahul education institutions , from time to time with the level of activity that the higher activity , requires a medium for the board to be able to provide opportunities for the students to improve the ability and quality of human resources, especially in the management of information systems towards a more independent and TPA prosperous , using IT as a tool to help increase performance . The process of quality improvement and the ability to lead an independent and prosperous landfill , by submitting any reports and conditions in the landfill Miftahul Jannah quickly and easily accessible by anyone . Report and the information addressed to the board and donors involved directly or indirectly . Conducted an online web system development to lay any existing reports . In addition , an increase in capacity through training to use online web administrators or managers of the system at the landfill Miftahul Jannah . This is done so that the ability of life skills can be used as a tool for the managers in the landfill Miftahul Jannah for entrepreneurship can be independently and enhance confidence .


Taman Pendidikan Al-Qur’an, Web Online, Information System


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